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At Partner With Startups, we understand the challenges startups face in securing investments. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our service: Pay to Pitch. This unique platform bridges the gap between startups and angel investors, offering a golden opportunity to pitch your idea and fuel your company’s growth.
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What Is

Pay to Pitch?

Put your business in front of investors today!

Pay to Pitch is an exclusive service where startups are given the spotlight to present their business ideas in front of a group of 5-10 angel investors. These are not just any investors, but a hand-picked selection of industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs keen on discovering and investing in the next big thing.

For a flat fee of $249.99, you’ll secure a slot in a live meeting where you’ll have the floor to pitch your vision, answer critical questions, and engage directly with potential investors. This is your chance to shine, to showcase your startup’s potential, and to embark on a journey of growth and success.

Partner With Startups

$140,000 investor funding to DEPEND Inc.

Why Choose Pay to Pitch?

Direct Access: Gain unparalleled access to a group of high-profile angel investors actively looking to invest in promising startups.

Feedback and Insight: Benefit from real-time questions and feedback during your pitch, providing you with valuable insights to refine your business model and pitch.

Increased Visibility: Stand out in a crowded market by presenting your idea in an exclusive setting, increasing your startup’s visibility among key investors.

Cost-Effective: For just $249.99, you’re not just pitching; you’re investing in your startup’s future, opening doors to potential funding, mentorship, and strategic partnerships.

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How it Works

Sign Up: Register your startup on our platform and select your preferred date for the Pay to Pitch session.

Prepare: Once registered, you’ll receive a detailed guide on how to prepare for your pitch, including tips on presentation skills, financials, and what investors are looking for.

Pitch: On the day of the event, you’ll pitch your startup to our angel investors, answer their questions, and engage in a live discussion about your business.

Follow-Up: Post-pitch, we provide a summary of feedback and, if applicable, steps to connect with interested investors.

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Ready to Pitch?

Pay to Pitch is more than just a pitch session; it’s a gateway to potential investment, mentorship, and exponential growth. Spots are limited, so secure your opportunity to make a lasting impression on some of the industry’s most influential angel investors.


Subscription based banking for businesses and individuals.

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AV Custom Shoes

These custom shoes are handmade by master Italian craftsman from pristine Italian leather. Each designer pair is a one-of-a-kind, combining handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style for a product that’s perfectly Italian.

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Coffee E-Commerce

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Home Of Independent In-Person Service Experts

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The football player grading tool that's better & faster. Empower your players with knowledge to compete at the highest level through a fully customizable football player grading software.

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Cornucopia AI

At Cornucopia, we believe that AI is the future of technology, and our goal is to connect people who share this vision.

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Design Canopies

Welcome to Design Canopies, your premier destination for top-quality metal awnings and canopies. With years of industry expertise, we take pride in offering a wide range of stylish and durable solutions to enhance your outdoor spaces. Our meticulously crafted metal awnings and canopies provide the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, giving your property a distinct look while protecting you from the elements.

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Dynamic Visuals

Championing True Role Models: Spark the Revolution with ‘Role Model Revolution’ Film

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eNet Social Media

At eNet Social Media, we understand the value behind branding and marketing, and through social media, you have access to a large pool of potential customers/clients.

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Fashion Fast

Fashion Fast offers a convenient same-day delivery service from partnered fashion retailers, connecting fashion enthusiasts with their favorite items at lightning speed. Powered by a network of local drivers seeking flexible earning opportunities, Fashion Fast ensures quick and reliable delivery while empowering individuals to control their schedules and earn extra cash. Enjoy seamless shopping experiences with Fashion Fast – where sustainability meets speed.

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Flkr Lytr

A patented novelty item for adults

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Puzzle shaped interlocking float tubes for rivers, lake and pools. They solve the problem of floating away from your friends and family on the water. Instead of using dangerous ropes or holding on with arms and legs, you can now easily connect and disconnect without all of the fuss so you can focus on the fun of floating together.

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A privacy-focused and skill-based gig platform where emerging talent can connect with paying clients while gaining professional experience.

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HiyatPay Corporation

HiyatPay is the world's newest P2P payments platform similar to Cashapp and Venmo but much more advanced with much more features. Upon funding, HiyatPay will also have it's own Hiyat Blockchain and HiyatCoin.

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Kindly Ice Cream is delicious, creamy, hand folded ice cream that fits people’s dietary needs.

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We aim to standardize the unorganized laundry sector in the UAE, emerging as the preferred aggregator platform for laundry service providers. Our commitment is to fulfill our customers' laundry needs by delivering unparalleled convenience, superior quality, comprehensive services, and a competitive advantage

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Lauretta's British Ginger T

Lauretta’s British Ginger T is a unique, proprietary blend of functional ginger beverages made with ingredients that are scientifically-backed, and historically-proven to have numerous physical and psychological health benefits in both traditional and alternative medicine.

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More Marketing & PR

MORE provides results, communication, authenticity, and experienced professionals here for your marketing, public relations, branding, and promotional event needs. With 15+ years of working with the best brands, our staff is here to give you MORE.

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NurtureLux® Sleep Comfy Co.

Nurturing Luxury Sleep-help Pillowcases & Pillows Your Most Restful Night's Sleep. NurtureLux® Self-Care Just for You... Calming | Wellness | Décor | Hair&Skin Care for Home & Travel

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Pecandy delivers high quality, uniquely flavored gourmet pecans to customers looking to break the monotony of chip, popcorn, and candy as snacks. Our flavors include, red velvet, vanilla bourbon, salted caramel, lemon pound cake, blueberry muffin, banana nut, and a host of rotating and seasonal flavors. We primarily market to middle to high income consumers who want the best life has to offer. We are currently a small Black women-owned business with two full time employees.

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Introducing QONTENTT Ai, the ultimate solution for content creators and social media users. With its all-encompassing approach, QONTENTT Ai empowers users to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success.

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Connect human, robotics, and Artificial intelligence seamlessly.

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The mainline gym is a fully functional private access 24/7 gym.

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Social media, social networking and marketing mobile application

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The Spoonie Pillow, a versatile and essential product for various situations, brings comfort, convenience, and practicality to the lives of its users. The double patented, tube shaped Spoonie Pillow, made with plush fabrics and a soft cushion, slides right onto your arm. Comfy support for the head, and no painful pressure on the arm. • Made to Cuddle • Great for Travel • Perfect on the couch or when you leave the house • Wanted everywhere • Loved for everything • Life gets comfy with a Spoonie 🙂 #theSnuggleIsReal

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Spray is a groundbreaking mobile app that allows users to spray money in multiple currencies, including Naira, Dollars, Pound, and Euro, with different denominations. Other users will receive the sprayed funds directly into their wallet accounts on the app. In addition, users can add each other through usernames or QR codes and transfer funds to any bank of their choice, essentially turning the app into a banking platform. Spray aims to target people in Nigerian by giving them new fun way of sending and receiving money money for goods and services. Also help our currencies the way people damage our currencies weekends, leveraging events such as weddings, naming ceremonies, birthday parties Etc

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Stride Labs

Custom orthotic insoles are a medical device that can help correct several illnesses in the foot, such as plantar fasciitis and diabetes. However, for these to work perfectly, they need to be custom fit, creating high costs and long waiting times- Stride Labs Orthosculpt technology revolutionizes this field of personalized healthcare.

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Sweat Relief Company

The Sweat Relief Company makes two very unique activewear shirts that have attached mini towels to remove annoying sweat during sweaty workouts. They help the wearer stay motivated by removing annoying sweat. Without annoying sweat getting in the way, a workout becomes more enjoyable. We make these shirts in two styles at our website One style is Tee or Tank Top with attached Pocket and Mini-towel. The other style is Tee with Attached Front Panel and side slits. They are so convenient!

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Trash Porters

The Trash Porters: Pioneering the Future of Delaware’s Apartment Waste Management

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Tru Floss

This is a plant based bristle toothbrush that allows brushing and flossing to be done simultaneously!

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