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For an angel investor seeking to expand their portfolio with innovative ventures, our platform serves as a gateway to a curated selection of promising startup companies. It streamlines the discovery process for the angel investor, ensuring that they can easily identify and engage with startup companies that align with their investment thesis. This focused approach empowers the angel investor to efficiently allocate their resources and expertise to startup companies poised for growth, fulfilling the platform’s mission to facilitate impactful investments.

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For a startup company looking to scale, finding the right angel investor can be a transformative step, and our platform is designed to facilitate this crucial connection. It offers startup companies a streamlined pathway to showcase their vision and potential, directly aligning with angel investors interested in fostering the growth of a startup company. This targeted approach ensures that every startup company on our platform can access the resources and expertise needed to thrive.

Partner With Startups

$140,000 investor funding to DEPEND Inc.

Our platform is a dynamic marketplace designed to bridge the gap between innovative startup companies and seasoned angel investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with high-potential ventures. By focusing on simplifying the investment process, it allows angel investors to effortlessly discover, evaluate, and engage with startups that match their investment criteria. The platform offers angel investors not just a chance to invest, but also to mentor and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs, leveraging their expertise to foster business growth and innovation. With a robust set of tools for communication and analysis, it ensures that every angel investor can make informed decisions, track their investments, and stay connected with the startups shaping the future.

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As an angel investor, navigating our platform opens up a world of opportunity to connect with emerging startup companies that are eager for both financial backing and strategic guidance. The platform is meticulously designed to align the goals of an angel investor with those of startup companies, making it simpler for an angel investor to find and invest in businesses that resonate with their vision and expertise. This symbiotic environment ensures that every angel investor can make a meaningful impact on the future of startup companies, embodying the core purpose of our platform.

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For a startup company on the brink of breakthrough, our platform offers a direct line to angel investors ready to fuel their journey with capital and mentorship. It’s a space where each startup company can articulate its unique value proposition, ensuring that the right angel investor can seamlessly discover and support a startup company with more than just funds. This strategic matchmaking underscores our platform’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the startup ecosystem, making it an invaluable tool for any startup company in search of a visionary angel investor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Partner With Startups?
Partner With Startups is a platform designed to connect startup companies with angel investors from across the United States. It facilitates direct connections without taking a percentage of the deals made.
How does Partner With Startups differ from platforms like AngelList and Kickstarter?
Unlike AngelList and crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Partner With Startups does not take a percentage of the investment deals. The platform charges a monthly subscription fee, and businesses retain all money from deals. Check the comparisons tab for more detail.
How much does it cost to use Partner With Startups?

For angel investors and startup companies, it is absolutely free to sign up and use the site! Startups have the opportunity to engage in a live online pitch session with 5-10 angel investors through the “Pay-to-Pitch” option, available at a fee of $249.99.

Can startups from any industry join Partner With Startups?
Yes, startup companies from all industries are welcome to join the platform.
What information do investors need to provide when signing up?
Investors need to fill out a form with their name, experience, and contact information.
What information do startups need to provide when signing up?
Startups need to provide their business name, description, logo, valuation, and contact information.
Is Partner With Startups suitable for startups at any stage?
Yes, startups at any stage, from just an idea to those with over $10 million in sales, can sign up.
How do investors find startups on the platform?
After signing up, investors have access to the business listings page, where they can directly contact any business they are interested in.
What happens after a startup signs up on the platform?
Startups should check their inbox for any emails from angel investors expressing interest in their business.
Does Partner With Startups get involved in negotiations between startups and investors?
No, the platform only connects startups with investors and does not involve itself in any further steps such as negotiations.
Can investors from outside the United States join the platform?
The platform primarily serves angel investors from the United States, but interested investors from outside the U.S. should contact support for more information.
How can startups and investors communicate through the platform?
After initial contact is made through the platform, startups and investors can communicate directly via email or other preferred methods.
What kind of support does Partner With Startups offer to its users?
The platform offers customer support for technical issues and questions about using the site. However, it does not provide negotiation or legal advice.
Is there a contract or minimum subscription period for Partner With Startups?
The platform operates on a monthly subscription basis without a minimum commitment period, allowing users to cancel at any time.
How does Partner With Startups ensure the quality of startups and investors on the platform?
While the platform facilitates connections, users are encouraged to conduct their due diligence as it does not vet or endorse the quality of startups or investors.
Can investors search for startups based on specific criteria?
Yes, investors can use filters on the business listings page to search for startups based on industry, valuation, and other criteria.
What happens if a startup or investor wants to cancel their subscription?
Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time through their account settings or by contacting customer support.
How often are new startups added to the platform?
New startups are added to the platform regularly as they sign up, providing a constantly updating list of potential investment opportunities.
What security measures does Partner With Startups have in place to protect user information?
The platform employs standard security measures to protect user information, including encryption and secure servers. Users are also advised to protect their personal information during communications.
How quickly can startups expect to connect with angel investors after signing up?
After completing the signup process, startups can immediately access the business listings page to connect with interested investors. The platform is designed for efficiency, allowing for prompt connections and engagements.
What success rate do startups have in securing investments through Partner With Startups?
While specific success rates can vary, Partner With Startups has a strong track record of facilitating successful connections between startups and angel investors. The direct contact approach and detailed listing information significantly increase the likelihood of securing investments.